The ‘Simplify Your Wardrobe’ Challenge- The Closet


Here is a panoramic view of my closet. Keep in mind that since the beginning of 2015 I’ve been weeding out unused/unloved items (6 bags at least) and this is what I was left with. Although it’s fairly organized, I felt that I had WAY too many pieces. There was dust building up on the shoulders of some of these lol!

  1. On the left you see the stackers where I usually keep the pants. I sometimes use one of the stackers to organize my outfits for the week, with each compartment holding the entire outfit for a day (including scarves and jewelry). I also have a shoe stacker with my most-used shoes. I have MANY MANY other places that I put shoes.
  2. Moving to the right I have miscellaneous suits and then Nathan’s clothes start. I know, that doesn’t have good flow, but it’s just how the closet evolved.
  3. The second to the last panel is shelving where I store Nathan’s excess jeans, my sweaters (in the bins), plain t-shirts (rolled up in a sock organizer in a plastic box) and of course, more shoes. My long sleeve shirts hang on top with my jackets and blazers. Short sleeves go on the bottom, along with my skirts. Lastly, you will see how I organize my necklaces on a pegboard, and my ‘battlestation’- aka makeup table (I know, it’s awesome, right??)

So this was the mammoth project- go through each of these categories and pare it down to 10 or less. The journey to simplify is no easy task!

It took me most of the afternoon to go through just these five categories: Pants/skirts, dresses, outerwear, shorts, t-shirts. After doing all that I decided that long sleeved blouses could wait until October!!