Protect Your Photos BEFORE a Disaster Strikes- Photo Organizing Tips

photo organizing


Now that the spring and summer storm seasons are over, most people are NOT thinking about photo organizing or planning for a disaster. However, it is a great time for a family to consider how you can protect one of your most treasured assets, your photos and photo albums. I can’t stress enough the importance of having a plan to protect photos in place before a disaster hits.

We here at 7isity are committed to the SAFEGUARDING, RECOVERING, RESTORING, and REUNITING of photos and treasured memorabilia before and after disasters occur. Caring for your photos is important and meaningful work! We take the privilege of organizing your photos very seriously.

[themify_quote]“organizing and displaying photographs connects children to our families, our values and our life goals for them”-     Doctor G (Deborah Gilboa, MD)[/themify_quote]

Save Your Photos Day is an International event for those who appreciate that every life is a story worth preserving and sharing.


Photo organizing

We are drowning in photos and the statistics are staggering. American’s now take over 10 billion photos every month– primarily on their smartphones. Tragically, it is estimated that 7 million dollars worth of smartphones are lost or stolen each day. In addition, the average family has thousands of prints and slides in their home waiting to be digitized. And the problem is just photos- home movies are on outdated media formats that are decaying and fragile.


  1. Hunt & gather- Locate the mess and designate one central location to put everything.
  2. Approach printed and digital photos separately. Use the acronym ABC’S developed by Cathi Nelson, Founder of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers.
    1. A is for Album- These are your most important photos that you want in an album and digitally archived for future generations.
    2. B is for Box- Secondary photos are important enough to keep and should be safely stored in an archive quality box or backed up digitally.
    3. C is for CAN- Many photos can be thrown out, re-purposed and deleted from your hard drive.
    4. S is for Story- Some photos tell a story or support an important memory. These are the A photos worth preserving.
  3. Get Started – Digital: Before you do anything backup the chaos!
    1. Determine a central hub on one computer.
    2. Gather and organize photos from all devices like cell phones, tablets, memory cards and other family computers.
    3. Rename all photos using a consistent naming convention. YYYY-MM-DD-Event
    4. Archive and Backup using an external hard drive and cloud-based solution.
  4. Be Prepared for Disasters- Fires, Floods, Hurricanes, Tornados, Technology Issues, Theft – all our real threats to your family legacy.
  5. Create Redundancies- Experts agree that you should have your images backed up in several ways. Printed, EHD, Cloud
  6. Celebrate and Share- Photos are meant to be shared and enjoyed! Photo Books, Wall Art, Video Montages, Private Online Photo Sharing are ways to enjoy your family photos and stories!

If you have any questions about how to organize your photos or you’re interested in getting assistance with organizing and/or digitizing your precious memories, give us a call- 7isity is ready to help!