Home Office in the Kitchen

One of the challenges of working out of your home is to find space to work in. Lots of people end up with a small space in the kitchen as their only option. This is what I ran into recently with a dear client of mine I will call J. J had a spot in her kitchen she was currently trying to use as a home office, but it had some issues. First, it was taller than an average desk, and secondly, it had become the dreaded catch-all (you know, the place everything lands when you come in the door- everybody has one!)


Karla the problem solver to the rescue! The first order of business was to get EVERYTHING off the desk. We rehomed, purged, recycled, and shredded until we had the stacks tamed and under control. Bookcases were actually holding up the desk portion originally, but there was no filing space. So we found some used filing cabinets (donated by the charming Karl B.- thanks Karl!!). They had seen some use and weren’t in the ideal color:

20150504_150117 20150504_150107

But we know how to handle these things! A few passes with the spray can and some seafoam metallic acrylic paint and we had these little masterpieces:

20150610_095602 20150610_095550

I know, they’re gorgeous, right???? I seriously love that metallic paint…… J also didn’t have a proper office chair so we found a used one that was in a lovely (as in not lovely) blue. And of course that color wouldn’t work either. If you know anything about me you know that I strive to make your space beautiful, a place that you’ll want to be in. That calls for the right colors and the right touches (I know stuff). Acrylic paint and textile medium slayed that dragon! Now we have an office chair that is both functional and stylish:



And after establishing a filing system, a tickler file (this is a seriously important part of any office setup) and some reference files we ended up with this lovely space:


20150611_100212 20150611_100231


Here are the before and after shots just so you can feel the amazingness:

20150428_164209 20150611_100231

I got skills! I can do this for you too- just drop me a line or ring me and let’s discuss how we make your space work for you 🙂

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