GTD- Your Ticket to Ridiculous Productivity

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1       GTD- Oh, the Possibilities!

How would you like a task management system that:

  • Was easy to implement
  • Was easy to follow
  • Could be adapted to fit your personal style and needs
  • Encompassed all the aspects of your life, both personal and professional,
  • And best of all, would rocket launch your productivity into the STRATOSPHERE!!!            Shuttle_2

Well if you haven’t been using the GTD or ‘Getting Things Done’ system developed by David Allen (buy his best-selling book that goes into detail here) then the time has come for you to experience productivity nirvana.

2       GTD- How it Works

GTD has been around for a while and it’s likely you’ve read something about it (here’s an article extolling the many virtues of the system and proclaiming it as “The Best!”

I could write a bunch of steps but I’ve decided instead to show you with a picture:


Process, Organize, Flow. Doesn’t that sound serene? It can be!

So you do this (okay, okay, here are the simplified steps):

  • Get all your ideas, projects, to-dos and what-have-yous together
  • Decide if a next step can be taken
  • If yes then you follow the path (do it, delegate it or defer it)
  • If not then you eliminate it, incubate it or put it in a reference file

3         GTD- What it Does

The beauty of this system is in how it removes the decision paralysis that we get with all the “things” we have rolling around in our head and all the sticky notes we have all over our desk (you know who you are….). Whether we have projects we’re in the middle of or just projects that are our wish lists of ‘someday I’ll do this’, this system captures all of those mad monkeys flying around in our brain and puts them in an order that is manageable and doable.

mad monkeys

4       What it Does NOT Do

This system is not a straight-outta-the box cookie cutter system that you install on your iPad and BAM!!!! Your to-dos are magically done. You have to take some time to get all your to-dos, projects and whatevers in one place, organize them by priority, context, or whatever works for you and then you can set up a flow that will accomplish them. That might sound daunting but trust me, it’s not as bad or as time consuming as it sounds and the peace of mind after you have it all set up is so worth it. No more mad monkeys!

5       Apps!!!!!

The most exciting part (for me because I looooove technology) is that there are a whole bunch of apps that can help you along on this journey to productivity heaven.

Evernote is a favorite of the GTD Kids and there is a website dedicated to using it with the Getting it Done system.  And did I mention you can use Evernote for free??

I’ve started using IQTell as it is billed as “the only mail app that seamlessly integrates email and task management to Getting Things Done.” Since we all pretty much live out of our email inboxes, it’s a no-brainer to integrate it into a task management system. IQTell allows you to “Achieve Inbox Zero with completely customizable actions from any email (supports Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, iCloud and any IMAP & POP3 email accounts). Use as a simple To-Do list or tap into a full GTD® productivity suite with Next Actions, Projects, Weekly Reviews and much more.” I just got goosebumps…..

Really, you could utilize very simple task management apps such as for GTD. It doesn’t have to get complicated!

For all you die-hard paper kids out there- this system doesn’t require technology to make it work. You can use a good old-fashioned pen and paper (soooo analog but whatevs). This clever young lady developed a way to integrate Bullet Journaling with GTD. Give it a look-see!

6      In Conclusion

This is really just an overview of this amazing and life changing system but here is an article from the good folks at LifeHacker giving a bit more detail. I would encourage you to pick up the paperback from Amazon (it’s only 10.99 for the Kindle version) and give this a serious whirl. As a Productivity Specialist, I’ve looked into a lot of different systems and this is (for me) by far the easiest to live with.

7      More to Come!!!!!

I’m going to be doing some posts on each component of this system over the next few weeks so if you’re looking to learn more about how to integrate this into your busy life sign up for my feed here. BONUS-

If you’d like to get one-on-one training on how to implement the GTD System in your life, drop me a line and let’s chat!

BONUS- I’ll do a drawing soon for a FREE copy of David Allen’s Getting Things Done  so STAY TUNED!

Also, check out this awesome infographic which gives you a little bit better picture of how Getting Things Done works:

GTD infographic

GTD infographic



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